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Action plans for cities

How can decision makers facilitate Nearly Zero Energy Building Renovation?
City action plans have been developed in NeZeR for the cities Stockholm (SE), Rotterdam (NL), Helsinki (FI), Porvoo (FI) and Espoo (FI), Sestao (ES) and for the municipalities Amersfoort (NL) and Timisoara (RO).

As a part of the project, guidelines have been developed for other European cities containing information about how they can develop similar action plans. The action plans  focus on decision makers (city authorities and real estate owners/housing associations) and their work on improving the energy efficiency of the existing building stock.

The Nearly Zero Energy Renovation action plans will facilitate the implementation of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. In each participating country the most relevant building types have been identified where the biggest impact of Nearly Zero Energy Building Renovation is seen. Focus lies on residential buildings. The action plans have utilized the results from the previous work in the NeZeR project.

Updated: 2016-07-08

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