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Competitions focusing on Nearly Zero Energy concepts

The NeZeR project has arranged design competitions focusing on Nearly Zero Energy concepts. The competitions have been organized in each participating country.

The main objective of the WP6-Training through design competitions is to improve knowledge in the building chain and among institutional housing owners with respect to NZEBR concepts. This was to be achieved through a series of competition and training workshops with regard to NZEBR concepts. In each country a specific renovation challenge was to be formulated, in line with the national focus in the NeZeR project.

The competitions have in fact three aims:

  • Soliciting new design approaches for NZEBR of a common type of buildings in each country.
  • Making housing owners and the general public more aware of the possibilties of NZEBR.
  • Improving the knowledge of designers and other partners in the building chain with respect to challenges and solutions for NZEBR.

In each country the task has been executed in certain way that best fitted with the possibilities and state-of-the-art in that country. No specific prize was defined beforehand, each country had to consider their own possibilities for prizes.

More information about the NeZeR design competitions will be published soon.

Updated: 2016-07-08

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